Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter skirt

I finally managed to finish my skirt! It has taken me quite some time because
1. I have to work hard on my PhD
2. it had some 'new' features: an invisible zipper and it's partially lined (at the waistband).
But I wore it to work Thursday (that's why it's a bit creased :-) ), and I'm so happy of how it turned out. The blue is so beautiful.
And yes, it's the same fabric as part of the Tohoku Tote: I had already cut the pieces of the skirt before making the bag, and used what I had left for the bag.
Btw about the bag: my cat sat on it and ruined the front part, so I've taken it apart and will be reassembling it ... I see this as an opportunity to add the pocket I felt was missing, so it's not really a big deal :-). Can't stay mad at my little fellow ;-).

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Sorry for the crappy lighting - it's a rainy Belgian day ...

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  1. The color is great for winter. A nice blue for those "not so blue sky" days. Thanks for sharing!


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