Friday, January 27, 2012

A new skirt - with pockets!

I wanted to gradually increase the difficulty in sewing skirts.
My first skirt was a 'plain' one: no zippers, no pockets, just some piping.
The second one (as seen here) had some piping, again (I love the look!), an invisible zipper and some lining.
I clearly knew what I wanted in my next skirt: pockets. And I had this idea in my head for a long time: piped pockets! So I tweaked the pattern I used before, and now, I have a skirt with self-made piping (from bias tape), lining, an invisible zipper *and* pockets.

This is the result, I'm very pleased with how it looks :-)

Thanks for stopping by!
Before tearing it apart because my eye spotted some asymmetry (pockets) ... 
My faithful and innocent-looking companion :-) You can see him wonder whether he can keep the garment :-)

Detail of the piping and topstitch

Ta-dah! (almost) done - I still need to hem the skirt ...

And one final picture, taken last night. Maurice is always very curious about what I do :-)


  1. This is a cute skirt! Your piping came out great!

  2. Piping looks fab! I LOVE pockets in skirts, and these look just right. Great job!

  3. Thanks to you both! You make me blush ;-)


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