Friday, April 13, 2012

Kringloopwinkel - thrift store finds

Last saturday, my mum and I went to the Kringloopwinkel (for those interested: the one in Kortrijk). And I must say, it was a HUGE score ... for the both of us. Wool for my mum, fabrics for me. Yay!

An overview of everything we got .... 
Bright orange knit fabric

Yellow knit fabric
And blue knit fabric

A gorgeous raspberry cotton - it's much brighter than in the picture
Beautiful petrol cotton

And a piece of blue fabric 

And now, the wool ...

An overview of all the wool we found

Milky (Phildar) - color: mouette 
20 (!) Milky (Phildar) - color: pie
Horizons (Phildar): it changes color as you go. Really amazing wool
Horizons (Phildar) in another color

Don't remember the brand anymore :-). I'll have to ask my mum :-)

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