Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday cooking and baking

I'm not much of a cook, really. I get inspired by all those TV-shows where everything seems so easy and feasible. I try to think ahead when I go shopping for food, things like that. Imagine the good meals I could put together every day. But when it comes down to it, I just work until I get hungry, and then I need something that's whipped together really fast. Pasta, a bowl of soup, sandwiches. But yesterday, on Sunday, I woke up and thought I could cook ahead.
I love to make quiche, because it allows you to whisk together what you have, and it never fails you. This time, I made a quiche with the following ingredients: smoked salmon - spring onions - cherry tomatoes - mozzarella - corn (leftover from the night before). It's just delicious.

But that's not the only thing I made. I have a sweet tooth and decided to try some "Klaaskoeken", apparently typically Flemish sandwich-like pastry (I've eaten them all my life - I love how they taste. Just add a slice of cheese and dip them in hot chocolate milk. It's my comfort food). I used my bread machine and followed this recipe. This inspired me to make chocolate buns with the rest of the dough. And I must say, it looked yummy even before tasting it.

That's going to be a real treat for breakfast
Chocolate buns before baking - looks delicious already!
The Klaaskoeken before baking
I'm feeling quite proud of myself: I have prepared a few decent meals and I'll have something sweet for breakfast. It should always be this easy :-)

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