Friday, March 9, 2012


It's been a while since my last jewelry post, so this is what I made lately :-)

Those first necklaces were made after I saw this post and they are so easy to make. It's a fun way to use up some of the larger beads you have, without ending up with a bulky necklace. I even like the one with the round beads better, I think it stays better in place. But they both look super and I'll be making more of these!

I don't think I blogged about this necklace yet. I was inspired by a Kate Spade necklace (picture below, I can't seem to find it back on the internet). I thought I could make something similar :-)
The original, by Kate Spade

And my own knock-off :-)
Detail of the beading
It was a lot of work though: adding every bead, one by one ... But in the end, I think it was worth it. Even though I made this some months ago, so I thought I'd add it here.

Below are some simple necklaces, always a fun touch to an outfit :-)

I love the two hues in those beads. Beautiful!

Two strands this time

 Finally, some really cute stuff: I made a hanger out of this little item below - spring is in the air!

And I couldn't help myself: had to make those into earrings. Cute!

Saving some cuteness for last: aren't these just too cute?
I must say, I hesitated whether those would be a blogpost of their own. They're so great!
Thanks for stopping by!

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