Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kringloopwinkel - thrift finds

Another possible new series of posts: my Kringloopwinkel finds. I love to go and check out what they have in store. It caters for my flea market needs - since there are no open-air flea markets during winter time ...

So, what did I find? The thrift store had a "retro day" two weeks ago, and usually, everything is sold and gone within the hour. Not in Leuven apparently, where I went this week: lots and lots of sewing finds!

1. First of all: lots of passementerie ribbon. I don't know what I'll do with it, but I couldn't let that pass. They're vintage, and I love it. Any ideas welcome off course!

Just look at the goodness. There were more, I'm thinking about going back and buy some more ...

2. Vintage fabrics. Love love loooove this blue flowery fabric, off course. It's sturdy cotton and I'm sure it will make a lovely dress. The orange was just too vintage not to buy. If I don't use it myself, I'm sure some other people will :-)

Maurice agrees: lovely fabric 

And this is just the sewing stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

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