Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer wardrobe - stripe top

This might be the beginning of a new series: the garments I make/made for my summer wardrobe. Below, some pictures of the top I finally managed to finish. I even took it to my parents' place two weeks ago, in case I might have found the time (and the itch) to finish it. I didn't finish it there, but during sewing "class" Tuesday night. Finally something I can tick off my to-do list.
I must say I had quite some trouble attaching the border at the neckline; it kept curling up and it almost took the fun out of it. And I really like the stripey fabric, it's a beautiful jersey fabric, but to align those stripes ... It was a bit more difficult than I had expected: I thought I could just whip it together in a blast, but it just took a bit longer. I'm happy it's finished, and it looks nice. I bought the fabric at the local fabric shop in Leuven (Pauli) and might go get some more, so I can make this skirt - it's been on my to-do list for quite a while now ...


Matching stripes!

I also hemmed this skirt - at last! Getting ready for summer ...

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PS: I entered the top for the Made by Rae Spring top sew along:

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